Best of the Web Featured on SEJ’s “21 Web Directories That Still Have Value” List

As we approach our 25th birthday here at Best of the Web, we are looking back and taking inventory of how far we have come, and how the Best of the Web Directories have evolved over the years. The Internet was a different place in 1994. There was no Google, no Facebook, no Netflix. You had to pay per minute to access the Internet using your AOL floppy disk the mailman delivered along with your bills and letters from your pen-pals. Then one day in Buffalo, NY, a college student came up with ‘Best of the Web’ and complied a list of what voters thought were the best websites on the web!

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As the World Wide Web advanced, and more websites were published, Best of the Web became a directory of websites for users to quickly find what they were interested in, to find businesses, and for students to research topics with ease. We went international and launched a UK Directory, the Best of the Web Local, and to this day, each directory is expanding and more and more businesses are being added every day!

We are proud to be featured at the top of the list published by Search Engine Journal as one of their 21 Web Directories That Still Have Value. 25 years is a long time in Internet years, and we are committed to continue being a source of organized and updated information for businesses, students, and consumers looking for a collection relevant websites and businesses.