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What Is Online Review Management?

Studies show that today’s buyers turn to the internet before hiring a company or making a purchase. They read reviews, check to see if anyone had problems, and compare companies before making a decision. If your business has mediocre reviews or several negative comments, buyers aren’t going to trust you. Instead, they’ll turn to your competitors. That’s why reputation management is essential. Here are some parts of online review management that Best of the Web can help you with:
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Generate Reviews

Make it simple for customers to leave reviews so satisfied customers don’t mind taking the time to do so. This can help boost your overall rating.

Respond to Comments

Your business isn’t perfect. But it does do what’s right. Help others see that you care by proactively responding to comments online.

Manage Reviews

Customers can leave reviews on so many sites. Being able to easily keep track of new reviews in one place makes them easier to manage.

Our Review Widgets

Our widgets are easy to implement and only take minutes! Get reviews on your website now. 

Basic Review Widgets

All of these widgets are available on all membership levels.

Review Badge

Quickly show your business rating. Great for displaying is small spaces on your website.

Simple Review Badge

Star Rating Badge

Easily display your business rating along side your star rating.

Star Rating Review Badge

Stacked Star Rating

Average star and business rating in a more compact widget. Great to showcase near other content.

Stacked Star Rating Widget

Premium Review Widgets

Level up your reviews and reputation with these premium review widgets. These widgets will allow you to quickly display real user reviews on your website.

Reviews Widget - Vertical

Elegantly list real user reviews vertically alongside of your star rating.

reviews widget vertical

Reviews Widget - Horizontal

Showcase you latest reviews in a beautiful horizontal orientation. 

reviews widget horizontal

Reviews Grid

Eye catching grid that shows up to 9 real user reviews on your website.

reviews embed grid
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Why Reputation Management Is Important

You already know that people check reviews before they make a purchase. But here are some other facts that show just how essential online review management is:

Don’t leave your reputation to chance. Instead, proactively manage your line reviews.

How to Manage Reviews with Best of the Web

When people search for your business, what do they see? If you don’t like the reviews that pop up, Best of the Web can help. We can help you take control of what people see when they research your company. To accomplish this goal, we offer:

User-friendly Customer Portal

The Listing Reviews section of your Customer Portal allows you to see all of your star ratings and reviews at once.

Review Generation

The easier it is for people to review your company, the more likely they are to leave one. Our simple to use widgets encourage people to share their experience.

Review Request

With Best of the Web, you’ll get easy to access links so you can copy and share your review generator in your emails, in text messages, or across your social platforms. This shareability makes it simple to send to your previous customers so you get more reviews.

Rating Display

You’ve worked hard to grow a reliable, honest business. Highlight your accomplishments on your website with a rating display widget so all your visitors can see what a great job you’re doing.

Reply to Reviews

Our new system allows you to respond to comments. This way, you can help manage negative reviews and provide some insight into the experience.

Benefits of Reputation Management

Review management can turn your business around. Here are three specific benefits you’ll notice:

Increase Trust

Reviews are a type of social proof. When potential customers see that other people liked your business, they’re more likely to trust you.

Generate More Sales

When your online reputation is trustworthy, people are more likely to buy from you. You’ll sell more and increase your revenue.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Responding to comments and actively trying to ensure your customers are treated fairly improves your customer satisfaction rate over time. They’ll be happy to keep doing business with you.

How to Handle Negative Reviews

When someone posts a negative review, don’t just sit back and cry or get mad. Instead take a deep breath and remain calm. Then do these five things:

  1. Learn from the review. Is there any truth in what’s been said? What changes can you make to help improve your process?
  2. Respond quickly. People want a response ASAP. Don’t put it off.
  3. Be kind. There’s no need to respond in anger.
  4. Apologize when necessary. If your company made a mistake, don’t pass the blame. Say you’re sorry, do what you can to fix the situation, and move on. S you
  5. Seek more positive reviews with Best of the Web’s review generation tool. The more positive reviews you have, the less a negative one hurts you. Share your review generator and ask people to share their experiences.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Reputation management software allows you to request, view, and manage reviews from a single dashboard. It makes it simple for you to improve your online reputation.
Best of the Web offers different tools so you can quickly ask your customers for their opinions. You can send your customers a direct link or a button so they can share their thoughts.
Take your positive reviews and show them off as part of your marketing material. Send them out in emails or blast them on your social media feeds. You want potential customers to know that people are satisfied with your business.
Best of the Web designed widgets that are simple to install if you follow our directions. If you have any trouble we’ll be happy to walk you through the process. Note: Some widgets may only be available to our premium memberships and not Jumpstarts.

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