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Trust Seal Relaunch – An Even Better Tool for Businesses to Build Trust and Increase Sales

Best of the Web would like to announce another exciting development that will enhance premium profiles, your website, and build your trust with your clients. The Trust Seal has been revamped and upgraded – a badge that you will be proud to add to your website, print marketing, emails, or business cards and show off that your business is Best of the Web!

Best of the Web Trust Badge

The Best of the Web Trust Seal has been redesigned with a more modern look to match the sleek new design of the Best of the Web directory. Your Trust Seal will now feature your Business Score, a screenshot of your website, your verified business details, and your customer review rating.

New Features

  • Regular Security Monitoring for Premium Memberships – We scan your website to make sure it is secure for your visitors. Our scans check for valid SSL certificates along with being risk-free from online threats like Malware, Phishing, and more..
  • New Badge Design – Our new badges will help improve your sales and conversions by increasing the trust your visitors have in your business.
  • Trust Seal Report – Give your visitors even more confidence in your business with a mini report card that features your business and security scores along with screenshot of your website, average customer review rating, and an overview of your of verification level
  • Easier Verification Process – You can now quickly and easily verify all of your business details in your Best of the Web Portal including phone number, website, address, and business. 

Having a Trust Seal shows your customers that you are a credible business, your contact details are valid, and helps your business stand out among your competition! We take our review process seriously and are excited to offer this new feature as part of the Best of the Web memberships, to help you stand out in your field and grow trust with your existing and potential new customers.

Key Benefits of the Best of the Web Seal:

  • Increase Sales – Customers are more likely to shop or sign up for services when a trust seal is visible on the website and verified
  • Increase Trust – Customers spend more time on websites and feel more protected when browsing a website with a visible trust badge
  • Trusted 3rd Party Endorsement – Having your business details verified by an outside source in addition to previous customer reviews offers your potential clients a higher level of confidence in your business
  • Exclusive Trust Badge – Pick from a variety of different badges and seals that show your prospects and clients that your business has been vetted by Best of the Web to be a real business and your website is secure and trustworthy.
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The process of getting verified is now easier than ever. A quick phone call by you, and a review by our editors will ensure your business details are valid and your Trust Seal will be ready to add to your website! Find out more about our Best of the Web Membership Pricing and Get your Trust Seal today!

Great news for everyone with a Best of the Web membership, the Trust Seal is available and ready for you to add to your website today!