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When termites, mice, or other pests terrorize people in your area, who are they going to call? You’re ready to help them take care of their pests. But do they know that your business exists?

Without a solid digital marketing strategy, they may not. Instead of finding you when they search for pest control companies or exterminators, they may find your competitors instead.

You don’t want that. You want to connect with people who need your help so you can grow your business.

But, digital marketing takes time and expertise. It requires frequent adjustment and monitoring. And, if done incorrectly, your company can end up getting flagged as spam and no one will find you again.

To help prevent that situation, you need a quality team of experts on your side. That’s where Best of the Web comes in. We have the skills needed to market your business the right way online so you can grow.

Best of the Web Online Marketing Services for Pest Control & Exterminators

Best of the Web has been helping companies improve their digital marketing since 1994. During this time, we’ve worked with over 16 million businesses, including pest control companies and exterminators.

Now, we’re ready to work with you. We have the knowledge and experience that’s needed to get results in today’s digital world.

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Digital Marketing Services for Pest Control Companies

The world has changed a lot in the past couple of decades. Back in the day, when people needed a pest removal company, they opened the phone book and picked one to call. They didn’t have a lot of other information available.

But the internet changed all of that. Now instead of flipping pages in a phone book, people are turning to Google to find the service providers they need. When a pest problem arises, they’re going to find local companies with websites and check them out.

They’ll read reviews, look at published articles, and decide if your company is a good fit. If it isn’t, they’ll go with one of your competitors instead.

To help potential clients choose you, Best of the Web offers the following digital marketing services:

directory marketing

Directory Marketing

Not every pest removal company is legitimate. There are some fly-by-night operations and scams that are just in it for the money. These companies don’t actually care about their clients or getting rid of their pests.

With potential clients feeling weary about getting scammed, you want to show them that your company is different. One way you can help ease their fears is to get listed in a trusted online directory. Then, they can tell that other people have worked with you and approve of the job you did.

If you’re ready to improve your customer’s confidence in working with you, apply to the Best of the Web directory. It’s the internet’s oldest directory, so it has a trust factor that can’t be beat by any other list.

Additionally, every company goes through a verification process before getting added. A real person checks out the business and vouches that it’s legit. This human touch is missing from many other online directories. It really sets our list apart and can help draw visitors to your website.

Pest Control Leads

Now that you’re improving your web presence, you can expect to see more qualified leads coming to your site. These leads are people in your area who need your extermination or pest removal services.

But, there’s more to drawing in leads than just including your website in a directory. That’s why you need Best of the Web Lead Generation Services. We can help connect you with your ideal clients who are ready for you to come over and solve their pest problems.

lead generation
search engine optimization

Pest Control SEO

When people search for pest removal companies, are they finding you? Or is your website buried under thousands of other results?

If you’re having trouble generating organic traffic each month, it’s time to evaluate your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. When you use the right keywords on your website and in your online content, you can rise to the top of search results.

But, researching keywords takes time. And using them in your content without getting flagged as spam takes knowledge of the current best practices. This is where Best of the Web’s SEO services come in. We know exactly what you need to do to help improve your traffic, and we stay up-to-date with all of the algorithm changes so you don’t have to.

Instead, you can sit back and enjoy more traffic as people find you from search engines.

Local SEO for Exterminators

Potential clients in your area don’t want to connect with pest control companies thousands of miles away. They want a nearby company like yours that can quickly arrive and help them deal with the critters plaguing their house.

Having a solid local SEO strategy in place will help these people find you. With the right elements on your site, you’ll be in the top results for local searches.

Best of the Web can help you get found. We know how to integrate location SEO into your overall marketing strategy to attract even more clients for your extermination business.

local search engine marketing
Online Reviews

Reputation and Review Management for Pest Control Companies

Not all pest control experts and exterminators do a good job. But you do. Do online reviews reflect the quality work that your company provides? Or do they all have a negative slant?

Whether you want them to or not, people take time to read reviews before they call to schedule. After all, they want to make sure it’s a trustworthy company coming into their home to deal with their pests and not a scam.

If your online reputation needs a little help, Best of the Web is here for you. We can help get reviews from your real clients that reflect your practice honestly. And the more positive reviews you get, the more likely other people will be to give you a call.

Pest Control Websites

When was the last time you updated your website? Does it include the information your clients care about? Or are there still pages that have the standard Latin gibberish as a placeholder?

Your business website can either encourage people to connect further, or scare them away for good. If yours is looking a little scary, let the experts at Best of the Web give you a hand.

We have experience with pest control and exterminator websites and know what essential elements yours needs to include. We’re ready to help you get your site up to date so it reflects your practice’s expertise and encourages visitors to contact you.

And while having a static website is important, it’s even better if you regularly publish fresh content. A business blog can make that happen. On your blog, you can publish articles about different types of pests, warning signs clients can watch for, and the various extermination methods you use.

If writing content on a regular basis doesn’t sound like fun for you, that’s okay. Best of the Web is here to take this job off your to-do list. We have the experience needed to create accurate, educational content for your visitors.

Trust Seal

Trust is an important element for digital marketing. If people don’t trust you when they come to your website, they’re going to leave.

A trust seal can help your visitors feel safe. It shows that you’re a legitimate company that’s open and honest. And, it’ll give people the confidence they need to take the next step and ask you to get rid of their pests for them.

Best of the Web makes it simple to display a trust seal on your site. Once your company has been verified, we provide step-by-step directions for you to add it to your website.

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Let Best of the Web Take Care of Your Digital Marketing

You’re busy taking care of pests, you don’t have time to stay up-to-date on digital marketing best practices. Instead, let Best of the Web give you a hand in this area.

Then you can focus on what you do best, and we’ll tackle your digital marketing strategy to help you grow.

To learn more about any of the digital marketing services we provide for pest control companies and exterminators, get in touch today.

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