Digital Marketing Services for Painters


You have the painting skills you need to make someone’s home or business look a million times better, inside and out. You’re ready to take on more clients, but before you can do that, you need them to contact you. 

The bad news? You aren’t the only painter in town. And without a digital marketing strategy in place, your competitors are going to outshine you on the internet. 

The good news? Best of the Web offers the digital marketing services you need to help your business stand out online so you can grow. 

Best of the Web Online Marketing Services for Painters

You don’t want to work with just any digital marketing company. You want to work with the best. That’s us. Best of the Web has the experience and expertise you need. 

Ever since we launched in 1994, we’ve been helping painters and other professionals get results. We’ve helped over 16 million companies improve their online presence through digital marketing. 

With decades of experience behind us, we’ve learned the ins and outs of digital marketing. We know which strategies work, and which ones aren’t worth your time or energy. This means the strategies we recommend are ones that will actually increase your traffic, bring you more leads, and help you grow. 

Digital Marketing Services

Leads, SEO, Directory Marketing, and Reputation Management

Painter Websites

Cost effective & powerful websites, domains, and web hosting

Trust Seal

Verified trust seals and badges to give your prospects confidence

Digital Marketing Services for Painting Companies

In today’s world, online research plays an important role in the decision making process. Before someone hires a painter, they’re going to check out your company online. They want to see your website, read reviews, and see the type of work you do.  

If you haven’t optimized your web presence, potential clients won’t be able to find you when they search. Or, they won’t like what they see. Either way, they’ll be calling your competitors instead of you. 

Best of the Web can help you improve your results and grow your business. We offer the following digital marketing services for painters to help you rise above your competition:

directory marketing

Directory Marketing for Painters

How visible is your business online? Are you easy to find, or do potential clients have to scroll through tons of other listings to find you? 

If your online visibility needs some help, directory marketing can help. And since Best of the Web manages the oldest business directory on the internet, you want to be listed in ours. 

People know they can trust the information on our directory. Not only have we been around for decades, we also have real people verify every single business that’s included. This personal review means spammy sites and sleazy businesses don’t make the cut. 

Once you get listed in the Best of the Web online directory, people will know that you operate a legitimate business. They’ll have the confidence they need to call you when they need a painter. 

Get listed in the Best of the Web Online Directory now.

Painting Leads

Once you’re in a reputable directory, you should notice a small bump in your traffic. But traffic doesn’t necessarily mean customers. In order for more people to book your painting services, you need the right people to come to your website. 

These qualified leads are actively looking for painters, and live in your service area. When a qualified lead visits your website, they’re much more likely to request information or schedule an appointment. 

If you’re struggling to find qualified leads, Best of the Web’s lead generation services can help. We know how to get the right eyes on your company so you can grow your business.

lead generation
search engine optimization

SEO Services for Painting Companies

If you want people to find your business online, you need a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Then when people search for painters online, your company will be at the top of the results. 

To make this happen, you must know what keywords your ideal clients are using. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time and money on your efforts. 

If your SEO strategy needs a little help, Best of the Web is here for us. With our experience, we can help you plan and implement a proven SEO strategy. We already know what keywords people use then they’re searching for painting companies. Using this knowledge, we can develop a customized SEO strategy for your business that’ll help increase your traffic and bring you more business.

Local SEO for Painters

When someone types the words, “painter in [your area]” into the search bar, do they see your business right away? Or is your website buried underneath several of your competitors? 

Most people aren’t going to scroll very far. Instead, they’ll pick one of the top results.

If you’re ready to make sure your business rises to the top, you need to implement a strategic local SEO plan. Best of the Web knows how to help you with this. And, we do it using SEO best practices so you won’t end up flagged as spam online. 

local search engine marketing
Online Reviews

Reputation & Review Management for Painters

Reviews matter. Before hiring a professional painter, almost everyone goes online and reads reviews. They’ll do the same thing before hiring you. 

Potential clients want to know that you’re a legitimate company, and that you do a good job painting. They also want to see what other people thought of your work. 

If the majority of the reviews they find are negative, or they can’t find reviews at all, people won’t have a good impression of your business. They’ll assume you don’t do quality work and will move onto a different painter. 

You don’t want that. You want your business to have glowing, honest reviews that encourage people to call you. 

Best of the Web’s reputation and review management services can make this happen. We can track down reviews that accurately reflect your painting business, so others are eager to hire you.

Painter Websites

Painting companies need websites in today’s marketplace. Potential customers want to check you out before they connect. They want to see examples of your work, and understand what services you provide.

Your website should reflect your painting expertise and professionally. If it doesn’t, people will quickly click away and check out the sites of your competitors.

If you don’t have a website, or your current website isn’t delivering results, Best of the Web can help. We know exactly what people want to see on a painter’s website and know how to make your website speak to your ideal clients.

In addition to getting your website prepped for visitors, we also offer blogging services. By incorporating a blog into your digital marketing strategy, you can help rank higher in search results. You’ll also share valuable information with people who need a painter.

But writing, editing, and publishing content regularly takes time and skill. That’s why you need Best of the Web. We have a team of experts ready to write high-quality, unique content about the different types of paint, how to select the perfect paint color, and more.

Trust Seal

Not every painting company is trustworthy. Some fly-by-night companies take people’s money without delivering beautiful results. But you’re not like that. Your painting business is honest and transparent.

Your website should reflect that. One simple way to help visitors have confidence in your company is with a trust seal. These show that your website is verified and safe. It gives people the peace of mind they need to call you.

After you submit your information for a trust badge, Best of the Web reviews your company. If everything checks out, we’ll send you easy-to-follow directions to post the seal on your website.

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Let Best of the Web Take Care of the Digital Marketing for Your Painting Business

You’re the best at what you do. Your clients love the way you transform their homes through color. And we’re the best at what we do. Our clients love the way we help them drive traffic, find leads, and ultimately grow their business. 

By combining our expertise and working together, we can both concentrate on what we do best. Then you can stop wasting time and money trying to figure out digital marketing and let us deliver results for you. 

If you’re ready to take your digital marketing to the next level, contact Best of the Web today.

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