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According to the EPA, Americans generate over four pounds of trash per person per day. As a reputable junk removal and dumpster company, you know how to take care of this trash for people. But you also know you could help even more customers if they just knew your company existed. 

If you’re ready for customers to find you online, it’s time to focus on digital marketing. With a solid web presence and a website optimized for visibility, your company will be the first one people see when they’re searching for junk removal in your area. 

However, making this happen takes a lot of time, experience, and expertise. That’s where Best of the Web comes in. We’re ready to take digital marketing off of your to-do list, so you can focus on removing the junk from your client’s lives and not have to worry about digital marketing. 

Best of the Web Online Marketing Services for Junk Removal and Dumpster Businesses

Since 1994, Best of the Web has been improving the digital marketing strategies of businesses like yours. With over 16 million companies in our portfolio, we are the premier online marketing company. And now, we’re ready to help potential customers find your junk removal and dumpster business.

Explore the services Best of the Web offers to help boost your web traffic, build trust with potential clients, and generate leads of people who have junk just waiting for you to come and collect. 

Digital Marketing Services

Leads, SEO, Directory Marketing, and Reputation Management

Junk Removal & Dumpster Websites

Cost effective & powerful websites, domains, and web hosting

Trust Seal

Verified trust seals and badges to give your prospects confidence

Digital Marketing Services

Before making a decision, people turn to the web to research and evaluate. If you don’t have an optimized web presence, the people who need your junk removal services won’t be able to find you. 

To help connect you with your future customers, Best of the Web offers the following services.

directory marketing

Directory Marketing

When clients in your area search for junk removal services, does your company pop up in the results? If it doesn’t, you’re losing business to your competitors. 

Best of the Web operates the internet’s oldest directory. Including your junk removal business in our list helps you stand out from the competition so you can help more people get rid of their junk. 

But we know that potential customers don’t just want to see your name in a list. They want to know that you’re a legit company that’s not going to scam them out of their hard-earned money. That’s why we do things a little differently than other directory marketing companies. 

Instead of relying on bots and automation, Best of the Web has real human editors review and verify every site before it’s included. This personal touch adds a level of trust that can improve your online reputation.

Dumpster & Junk Removal Leads

Your company’s web presence is important. So is being listed in online directories. But those things alone aren’t going to increase the bottom line of your junk removal business. To do that, you need qualified leads to turn into new customers. 

Best of the Web helps with that as well. Through our lead generation services, we’ll help connect people who are looking for junk removal services to your company.

lead generation
search engine optimization

SEO Services for Dumpster & Junk

How is your organic traffic? Do people searching for junk removal services wind up on your website so they can learn more? Or do they find your competitors first? 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you rise to the top of search results. But, in order to successfully do this, you must know exactly what keywords potential clients are typing into the search bar. Are they looking for “junk removal companies” or typing in “how can I get rid of junk?” 

While the difference might seem small to you, the results from each search can vary greatly. That’s why it’s essential to know what terms your customer is using. Because when you know what words they’re typing in, you can have your website ready for them, with that exact phrase included. 

Best of the Web knows the junk removal industry already. We know what terms are hot and which are not. With this knowledge, we can help you create an SEO strategy designed to increase organic traffic and get more potential customers to your website.

Local SEO for Dumpster & Junk Co's

With tens of thousands of junk removal and dumpster companies operating around the country, your business has a lot of competition. 

The good news?

You aren’t competing with all of them. You’re competing with other junk removal services in your local area. It’s a much smaller number to deal with. 

That’s why a local SEO strategy is so important. When the people you serve are looking for local services, they add the name of their city to their search bar. This means, you need to include the areas you serve in your digital marketing strategy. 

But you can’t do it in a spammy way, or the bots will flag you as a bad site. And then no one will be able to find you. You don’t want that. 

Instead, let Best of the Web help you create a local SEO strategy that won’t sound the spam alarms on Google. 

local search engine marketing
Online Reviews

Reputation and Review Management for Junk and Dumpster Companies

Before a new customer decides to work with you for their trash management needs, they’re going to see what they can learn about you online. Research shows that up to 90% of people check for local reviews before they pick a company to work with. 

If you don’t have any reviews from real customers, or if your reviews are all negative, the chances of new  people choosing you decreases rapidly. 

That’s why your online reputation is so important. Potential clients are going to see what they can learn about you on the internet. And if there’s nothing good, they’ll move onto a different junk removal company without giving it another thought. 

Let Best of the Web help you manage your company’s reputation and reviews, so that potential customers can learn the truth – that you’re an honest company that makes junk removal simple.

Junk Removal and Dumpster Websites

How’s your business website looking these days? Does it make potential customers trust you? Or send them quickly looking for the X to close out so they never have to see it again?

If you aren’t proud of your business’s online home, it’s time to let the experts of Best of the Web help. We have the skills you need to turn your website into one that’s ready for customers.

Part of improving your customer’s experience is to publish regular educational content to help them learn more about your business. With our blog post services, we can make sure you have the content you need to encourage potential customers to stick around for a while. We can help you generate posts about recycling, differences in dumpsters, what sets your business apart from your competitors, and a variety of other topics in the junk management niche.

Trust Seal

When visitors come to your business’s site, a trust seal helps them feel comfortable staying there. It helps establish your site as a legitimate one, instead of a fly by night junk removal operation.

Best of the Web trust seals help increase sales by an average of 25%. That’s a lot of money to be leaving on the table by not showing potential customers you’re a safe company to use.

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Let Best of the Web Handle Your Digital Marketing

You know all about helping people deal with their trash through your junk removal and dumpster services. And we know digital marketing like the back of our hands. 

Let’s work together, with each of us focusing on what we do best. Then, your business can really grow. 

To learn more about any of the digital marketing services that Best of the Web offers, contact us today. 

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