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Your skills give people confidence to smile brightly. From cavities to root canals, whitening treatments to expanders, you can take care of any dental problem your patients have. But, you know there are more people in your community looking for a reputable dentist. And you’d love to have them come to your practice so you can care for their teeth as well.

Growing your business in today’s digital marketplace requires a solid digital marketing strategy. Without one, patients won’t find you when they search online. Instead, they’ll find your competitors.

To prevent that, you need to boost your online presence. But, digital marketing isn’t like dentistry. Since it’s so different, it might seem overwhelming. That’s where Best of the Web comes in.

Best of the Web has the digital marketing experience you need to grow your practice without draining your much deserved free time.

Online Marketing Services for Dentists

There are so many digital marketing companies you can choose from. But only Best of the Web has the experience and expertise you need.

We first launched in 1994, so we’ve been helping dentists and other businesses with their online presence for a long time. During this time, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We won’t waste your time or money with marketing strategies that won’t produce results.

Over the years, we’ve served over 16 million companies, including many dental practices like yours. We know what potential patients are looking for when they search for a new dentist, and how to position your business’s online presence to match. We offer the services you need to improve your online marketing so you can grow your practice.

Digital Marketing Services

Leads, SEO, Directory Marketing, and Reputation Management

Dentist Website

Cost effective & powerful websites, domains, and web hosting

Trust Seal

Verified trust seals and badges to give your prospects confidence

Digital Marketing Services for Dentists

Before scheduling an appointment with a new dentist, most people turn to the internet. Using a search engine, they read reviews, visit websites, and discover all they can before selecting one to call.

If your practice’s web presence isn’t optimized, these potential patients aren’t going to pick your practice. They’ll go with a different one.

To help draw new visitors to your site and patients to your practice, Best of the Web offers the following services:

directory marketing

Directory Marketing for Dentists

What results appear when you search for a dentist in your area? Is your practice at the top of the list, or buried on page five?

If patients don’t see your practice, they aren’t going to contact you. Instead, they’ll schedule an appointment with your competitors. Adding your dental practice to the Best of the Web directory can help improve your visibility.

We operate the internet’s oldest directory, and it’s a resource that people trust. You see, we don’t just add anyone to this list. Instead, we check out each and every business before they’re approved.

During this process, real humans (not bots) verify the site to make sure it’s legitimate. Our directory is full of businesses that people can trust to treat them right.

Being listed in this directory can help improve your online reputation and give potential patients the confidence they need to schedule an appointment.

Lead Generation for Dentists

Improving your online presence and getting listed in directories can help boost your web traffic. But traffic alone won’t bring more patients to your business. To do that, you need qualified leads.

With Best of the Web’s lead generation services, we’ll help your target audience find you online. And when people in your area who need a good dentist find your way onto your website, they’re much more likely to schedule an appointment.

lead generation
search engine optimization

SEO Services for Dentists

How many people are visiting your website each day? How much traffic do you generate in a month? If the answer is not many, your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy needs some help.

After all, if people can’t find your dental practice online, how are they supposed to know you exist? To help you rise to the first page of results, Best of the Web offers SEO services.

We’ve put our online sleuthing skills to work to discover exactly what words people type into the search bar when they’re looking for a dentist. We know the keywords potential patients are using.

With this knowledge, we can improve the SEO on your website so patients find you first. You’ll see better traffic and more qualified leads.

Local SEO for Dental Practices

With over 200,000 dentists operating in the United States, you have a lot of competition. But, you aren’t competing with all of those other dentists. You’re only competing with the ones nearby.

People want to go to a dentist that’s local. So, when they’re searching, they narrow down their results by adding a location to their search terms.

If you don’t have a local SEO strategy in place, you’re missing loads of potential leads. Your website needs to make it clear which cities and counties you serve.

And while dentists used to fill their webpages up with loads of location specific keywords, that’s no longer a best practice. In fact, keyword stuffing will get your site flagged as spammed. That’s not a good thing.

Best of the Web can help you attract patients in your area without looking like a scammy website. We’ll work with you to create a local SEO strategy to help the right people find you.

local search engine marketing
Online Reviews

Reputation & Review Management for Dentists

What are your current and previous patients saying about you online? Before scheduling an appointment, a new patient will read reviews to see if you’re a good dentist with an honest practice.

If you have lots of five-star reviews from adoring patients, this is a good thing. But, if you don’t have reviews, or you have some negative ones, you can actually discourage people from scheduling.

Best of the Web can help you improve your online reputation, and get reviews that reflect your practice. This will give people the confidence they need to call and schedule.

Dentist Websites

Part of your digital marketing is having a website that’s inviting to new visitors. Does your website meet this requirement? Does it look professional? Or does it look like a 12-year-old threw it together for a school project?

Without a quality website, visitors will quickly close out and continue their search for a different dentist. The experts of Best of the Web can help you with this as well. We know what potential patients are looking for in a dentist’s website, and we can help you get your site ready for them.

Additionally, we can help you publish fresh content that educates your visitors. We have a team of dental experts ready to put their writing skills to use for you. With this knowledge, we can write blog posts about the root canal process, what patients can expect on their first visit, dental hygiene tips for parents, and more.

Regularly published content helps draw more visitors to your site, and encourages them to stick around longer.

Trust Seal

Does your website look legitimate? Do people feel at ease while they’re clicking around, or do they worry they’ve found a scam practice that’ll destroy their teeth and take all their money?

To help patients have confidence in your site, Best of the Web offers trust seals you can display. These seals show that you’ve been verified as a trustworthy site.

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Let Best of the Web Handle the Digital Marketing for Your Dental Practice

You’re a pro when it comes to taking care of teeth and helping nervous patients feel at ease. And we’re the best when it comes to digital marketing for dentists.

By teaming up, we can help you grow your practice without you having to stop and learn all about online marketing. Let us handle that for you so you can focus on what you do best.

If you have any questions about the digital marketing services we offer for dentists, contact Best of the Web today

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