The BOTW Scholarship Program

The Online Degree Directory is dedicated to providing the ultimate resource for anyone considering obtaining a college degree – whether online or on campus. Since its inception in April of last year, it has successfully helped college-bound students make informed decisions regarding higher education.

This success has only made our commitment to providing the ultimate college resource grow. In an effort to not only offer all the tools necessary for those planning to enroll in a degree program, but also to support the learning community, Best of the Web now offers scholarship opportunities through the Online Degree Directory.

The launch of the BOTW Scholarship Program allows students to use the Online Degree Directory to find not only important information about higher education, online and traditional colleges, and specific degree programs, but also financial support for the costly venture that is a college education. While a college education grows increasingly expensive, the Online Degree Directory aims to assist those who may be struggling to afford the rising costs of tuition with continuing their education. Scholarship funds can be applied directly to tuition, textbooks, housing, and related college expenses.

Right now any U.S. citizen over the age of 16 intending to enroll or currently enrolled in a college degree program is eligible to apply for the $2,500 scholarship award. Scholarship offers will be updated frequently, so students should check back at the Online Degree Directory regularly to find details about the latest scholarship offers.


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