Facebook Rolls out Photo Sync

If you ask individual users — not brands — on Google+ what their favorite feature of the social platform is, they’re likely to praise its ability to automatically upload of photos & videos from their cell phones, to be shared at the user’s convenience.

Last week, Facebook launched their newest feature for user photos — which had been available to a select few users since August — in order to match the convenience of the same utility on Google+. The availability of this feature across all 800 million active profiles is uncertain, but users will have to manually enable Photo Sync after they are granted access to it.

Users can activate Photo Sync from the Photos tab of their Facebook mobile application, and tap the “Sync” button. According to Facebook, users will be able to store approximately 2GB of photos before needing to share them or clear space. Since photo sharing is one of the most popular uses for Facebook, and the platform has such a large population, users expect that Photo Sync will quickly overshadow Google+’s once innovative feature.


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